Science Classes Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Science classes Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Science classes Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers

Question.1 Do you like science?

Answer – Yes, infact I’m a great fan of science. I have huge respect for all the scientists and doctors out there who invent and prepare medicines to make our lives better.

Question.2 Did you have science class in primary school or high school?

Answer – Of course! I studied science in my primary school and I had a great passion of remembering all the chemical formulaes at that time. I was always praised by my teacher because I used to draw pixel perfect diagrams of various parts of the body like heart, lungs, etc.

Question.3 What kind of science did you do at school?

Answer – I think it was the basic foundation of science up to my 7th standard and when I was in 10th standard I had learnt intermediate level of science like some major chemical formulas and lab experiments for practical understanding.

Question.4 Do you think science classes are important?

Answer – Yes absolutely. Children must know the basic functionality of a human and other living organisms. Because it is imperative to be aware of some scientifical facts such as the importance of drinking water and blood circulation inside the body.

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