Scientific Research Should Be Carried out And Controlled by Governments

Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by governments rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this world, many scientists investigate and find a lot of things. However, some of them were connected with the government, and other is do their job in private companies, which is observed by government officials. In my opinion, I agree with this sentence.

On the one hand, most scientists are working with the government recognised company and people think that it is trustable. First of all, scientific research is done through official management, and most believe that government that carried out the test are 99%strong and without error. For example, pay tex on all the things, and they assume that government could not change the product or their material.

On the other hand, private companies do not have a higher amount to research or make the best quality products. Secondly, due to low funds, the company start to fraud with their consumer. For instance, due to covid-19, some private companies produce medicine and injection for patients. Few of them give impure injections which contain glucose instead of proper medicine. Because of this situation, people do not believe in the private sector easily.

In conclusion, the government should provide some funds to private companies for good research and also stop cheating on people by giving unhealthy things.

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