Scientists Have Been Warning for Many Years About Environmental Protection and How Important

Scientists have been warning for many years about environmental protection and how important it is to limit our personal energy consumption. What are the causes of the overconsumption of electricity? How can people be encouraged to use less energy?

Electric energy has become ubiquitous, which damages the environment. Therefore many researchers advise folks to protect the environment using various energy sources. However, the pivotal reason for the overuse of energy is the materialistic lifestyle. Hence, this essay will examine prominent causes, and it’s plausible remedies for this woe.

First and foremost, one harmful to the environment is the invention of new equipment that has impacted a lot in using electricity. For instance, there were no air conditioners or refrigerators in the past, but nowadays, it has become an essential amenity for folks. Thus, the use of electricity is increased. Another critical reason that consumes more energy is that the working environment has observed drastic change. To cite an example, due to the invention of computers and automated machines, work has become less effort, to run that equipment, electricity is must read. Eventually, it Rosen an amount of electricity used by people.

However, several solutions could be used to lessen this difficulty. First and foremost is that lawmakers spread awareness among citizens about their surroundings and how they can use minimal electricity in their daily routine through daily campaigns. Another one is that they should use renewable energy instead of coal and petrol as they are eco-friendly and cost less than the other sources.

On close scrutiny, I conclude that new machines have changed the working method and enhanced electricity usage; nevertheless, they could mitigate this difficulty using different renewable sources.

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