Some Employers Reward Members of Staff for Their Exceptional Contributions to The Company

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Some Employers Reward Members of Staff for Their Exceptional Contributions to The Company

Some employers reward members of staff for their exceptional contributions to the company by giving them extra money. This practice can act as an incentive for some but may also have a negative impact on others. To what extent is this style of management effective? Are there better ways of encouraging employees to work hard?

It is an incontestable fact that some organizations often award promotions or hikes to their employees, which motivates them to perform exceptional work, and it frequently generates a great deal of heated debate. The supporters of this statement believe that it appropriately fulfils its purpose, while other schools of thought feel that it is dissentious. The main notion of this exposition is put forth the genesis along with its impacts on individuals.

To begin with, many companies are persistent in extracting huge workloads from their employees and, in return, provide them with temporary pleasures such as appraisals and awards. This eventually motivates them to put more effort into their routine activities. It makes people to excess trepidation that affects their well-being. To cite an example, a resource has to struggle a lot to get the activity done and is forced to extend the timings in the office, which gradually impacts physical and mental health. Though it might be efficient at the beginning years of the career, it is difficult to adapt to this lifestyle in the long run.

Furthermore, leadership tremendously benefits when this kind of practice is followed. They provide few incentives to individuals while the company’s turnover has a massive growth. Nevertheless, various other procedures can be inculcated to encourage people rather than offering bills. For instance, regular parties such as team dinners can be arranged in nearby restaurants besides working hours, and they will feel rejuvenated during these gatherings. Similarly, some norms can be introduced, allowing them to take ample vacations to get time off from their regular activities. Additionally, they can be provided exciting coupons to travel to various countries during these breaks. Hence, they feel encouraged to contribute to the firm by implementing these measures.

In a nutshell, though many firms are motivating their employees by awarding their efforts in terms of money, it leads them to excessive pressure and stress. Alternatively, establishing rules such as extra holidays with hampers and frequent gatherings significantly motivates their workers.

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