Smoking not Only Harms the Smoker – Writing Task 2

Smoking not only harms the smoker, but also those who are nearby. Therefore, smoking should be banned in public places. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Good health is the gateway to a positive mindset and a long life. Smoking is not only a day to a day leisure activity, rather it is an addiction that destroys you from inside as well as extends the destructive nature towards the people who are near you. I agree to the greater extent that smoking should be banned in public places in order to save non-smokers from this hazardous smokes. I will dilate my opinion in the subsequent paragraphs about how inhaling of smoke by being near to the smokers have humongous harmful effects on health as well as can lead a non-smoker towards the loss of life.


To begin with, In the era of cut-throat competition where everyone is struggling to succeed in life at a  faster rate to save themselves from the stigma of unemployment, some human beings have become more inclined towards illicit activities in order to fight with this struggle and the foremost one is smoking. Furthermore, these activities are carried out at professional institutions in particular gatherings.; However, the smokers have completely failed to imagine the disastrous effect of this leisure activity on the people who are the part of this gathering and are not in favour of inculcating this activity as they are more concerned about the health and time span of their life. The smoke not only destroys the lungs of smokers in fact it has an adverse effect when inhaled by a non-smoker who is near this person.


In addition to this, public transports have become the most common means where non-smokers suffer to a greater extent. Public transport has suffered major push back because of smokers as the people who do not smoke have become reluctant in traveling by this means due to the intolerable nature of the smokers during travel. It is imperative to understand that smokes not only harm a single person but the whole bunch of people who are within reach at that point in time. Due to this inevitable reason many people have shifted to personal transport which is not at all economical for them as per their hand-to-mouth situations. Therefore, the government should take a step towards banning smoking at public places to avoid the loss of the population who is struggling constantly due to the smoking activity carried out openly in public places.


To reiterate, looking upon the major destruction it can cause to the society who is not even smoking, I strongly believe that smoking should be banned in public places in order to avoid the repercussions everyone knows. The consequences can lead to the end of the life of an innocent. Lastly, I also think that if we can have public smoking booths at the normal distance in all the areas for people to use them for smoking, this fundamental change can save the life of a gigantic non-smoking population.

So this is the End of Smoking not Only Harms the Smoker – Writing Task 2

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