socialize online rather than face to face – Writing Task 2

Nowadays more people are choosing to socialize online rather than face to face, is this a positive or negative development?



Socializing online is becoming increasingly popular among people whereas the traditional way of socialization has become less attractive. In my opinion, this is a negative development as socialization online cause dissatisfaction in relationships, lead to isolation, and create other problems in life.


One severe problem that socializing online can cause is that it can be harmful to real-life relationships that exist in the lives. In other words, as people become more interested in making friends online and spend time with them, has led to less interaction with people such as blood relatives and blood relatives. As a result of this, existing relationships with the people who are more meaningful in our lives has been ignored and becoming distant from each other.


 Another issue with people who are making online friends that they can go to self-isolation. People who do online friendships and spend time chatting online usually prefer to stay alone at home and avoid meeting with friends and family get to gather. Initially, they feel comfortable with this routine but sooner or later this can push them towards isolation which can result in depression and mental trauma


Finally, individuals who choose to online interaction can face difficulties in their lives as they connect with people who can be with fake identities on social plate form and hiding their characteristics. This can be revealed immediately or after several years later while nothing can undo the loss that would already be suffered. Specifically, teenagers are more vulnerable, as they are more impressionable and tend to post pictures online or sharing with online which can resurface in later years of life and may cause embarrassment to them and their family as well.


In conclusion, although it is now in trend to make friends online and spend time on different social media application, it has also brought a different kind of problems in human life such as dissatisfaction in relationship with close family members and peers, isolation in life, and emotional setbacks from fake identities.

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