describe one of your best friends.

describe one of your best friends.

who is this person?

How you first met?

what you do together? 

explain why you think this person is a good friend?

it has been rightly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed.good friends are a part and parcel of our life.good friends are always standing with us in our ups and downs.i too have some friends because I do not believe in making too many friends because my father advised  me not to make too many friends because he told me to become  very careful when making new friends because anyone could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.i have one best friend whose name is Tejinder Singh.he is a principle in his school.

I met him for the first time when I was started doing my graduation.on the very first day of college.I felt very lonely and same thing happened with him.i met him in the college canteen when I was drinking tea in the afternoon.from that day started keeping together with each other.he is a calm, cool and very friendly.he is very understandable.

we did many things together.we always sit together.we participated in each and every activity organized in the 2003 the final year of graduation, a zonal university youth festival was held in the college.we both selected for the folk dance team to perform at the youth festival.we started practicing folk dance under the supervision of the head coach.this practice continued for one month.on the day of the festival we have won first prize in the youth festival.

he is a good friend and very honest person.he always stand shoulder to shoulder with me in all my difficulties.he is my well-wisher`.he always suggested me in my difficult times.he gives me a good advice when I needed in my work.this is the reason that he is my good friend


Q-1: can we share our personal things with all friends?

Ans: never, we cannot share our personal things with all of our friends .there are one or two friends with whom we could share our personal feelings.because anybody could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing and could betray you at any time by disclosing your secret things.

Q-2: what qualities should a person have to become a good friend?

Ans: first of all a good friend should be honest, kind-hearted, understandable.when making friends one should keep in mind that quality matters but not the quantity.good friends should be fewer in number but honest from the heart.

Q-3: what are the sources in this modern era to make friends?

Ans: there are a number of sources to make friends in this modern era.a large number of social websites like facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram are available on the can easily make friends by sitting home.


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describe one of your best friends.

describe one of your best friends. 

describe one of your best friends. 

describe one of your best friends. 

describe one of your best friends. 

describe one of your best friends.





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  1. Good friends are always stranding with us in our kith and kins….( kith and kins means one’s relation or our relatives…….so i think you use this at wrong place…..i think correct word will be ups and downs)


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