Some Individuals Say Children Should Have to Play Outdoor Games

Some individuals say children should have to play outdoor games instead of playing computer games at home. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people say that children should give emphasis to play outdoor games instead of residing at home playing with high-tech gadgets. I partially agree with this line of thought. Ideas enunciated further in my discourse will give my point of view.

To embark with, children should encourage in playing outdoor activities due to the fact that it would be helpful to keep our body physically healthy and they get to understand other children behaviour and their perspective towards each other and also share knowledge between them. These activities will increase the cognitive and analytical skills of the children while playing games. For instance, taking an example of playing cricket, in which one would learn about leadership and decision making skills to tackle difficulties faced during the game.

On the other hand, Children playing with the latest computer games have both benefits and drawbacks in playing with them. One of the disadvantages of continuous playing games on laptops or on tablets is injurious to the eyes because UV rays generated from these high technology gadgets are detrimental in the latter span of life and the chances of few health illnesses like obesity and diabetes. Whereas, there are few positive aspects is that they could able to increase analysis skills innovatively because nowadays there are varieties of games are available online and in mobile like puzzle games, mathematics games and fun games which are beneficial to children so one can have both learning and have fun while playing games.

To conclude, in my opinion, one should play both indoor and outdoor games, but they should know the benefits and drawbacks of each game which they are playing and one should be not to be addictive one game.

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