Some People Believe that Childhood Is the Best Stage of Happiness

Some People Believe that Childhood Is the Best Stage of Happiness. While Others Believe that A Person Can Enjoy More Happiness in Other Stages of Life. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion.

Some people think that the early years of humans are one of the happiest times of their lives, while some may believe that individuals can be more joyful in other states of the human life cycle. Every stage of life has its value. This disquisition delves into both the views and my views.

To embark on childhood is one of the best phases in everyone’s life. It is when all humans can enjoy tiny things with lots of enjoyment. During this age, children are delighted and can do the activities which make them happy. They get more care from their parents as well as the other people’s too. All the citizens say that they want to go back to the childhood stage to have more happy and memorable moments. Adults and middle-aged people must become more careful and responsible to settle their lives. The persons in this stage must focus on their goals and work harder to achieve them. So, these individuals are more likely to be stressed and have to do a lot of complex tasks and thoughts in their daily lives.

On the other hand, a person transforms from a child to a teenager and goes through different phases of life. The students and teenagers are more accessible to do things like hanging out with friends, wearing clothes according to the trends, and also being actively involved in social media. If we consider the adults and middle-aged people, they can do whatever they want to, and no one will be there to stop them. They can also earn money from working and spend their earnings without problem.

Childhood is the best phase of our entire life cycle. However, only one life should be memorable and enjoyable at every stage.

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