Describe a Character from A Movie or Book: Cue Card

Describe a Character from A Movie or Book. You Should Say:

  • Who Is This Character?
  • When Did You Watch the Movie?
  • What Was the Character?

The role of good characters is essential to make a movie successful. Here, I will say a few words about a Tamil movie named Nanban, and the main character in this movie is Vijay.

Vijay is undoubtedly my favourite actor. For this reason, I watched this movie in the cinema with my friends a few years ago when it was released. I never knew this movie was going to be so interesting. This movie is based on college life, and since I am a student, I was particularly interested in watching this movie.

Vijay played an exceptional role in this movie. He is more like an ideal for the students to follow because he has shown in this movie how focusing on the practical aspect of learning can make you successful.

Generally, students are more concerned about theoretical aspects, which gives them stress only. However, he shows how a student can enjoy a relaxing and easygoing life if he is more and more about learning practically.

Vijay is a comical character in this movie. So many funny scenes in this movie made us laugh hysterically in the cinema hall. I can also say that he is a very versatile actor. Because apart from comedy, he can handle different types of situations.

This movie has some emotional scenes, especially when his friend gets hospitalized and Vijay cries. Everyone in the cinema hall was crying because everyone in the cinema hall was engrossed in his character.

Last but not least, Vijay sang the title song of this movie, and before watching this movie, I never knew that he had singing skills as well. He has received numerous awards for playing this character in Nanban, and this movie was also on the Oscar list. After that, I have watched this movie many times. I also recommend others to watch the movie and appreciate the performance of Vijay in this movie.

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