Some People Believe That Increasing Vehicles Is One Of The Biggest Problems Facing Cities

Some people believe that increasing vehicles is one of the biggest problems facing cities, while others believe cities have bigger challenges. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Many individuals believe that metropolitan facing huge problems with the rising number of vehicles, whereas another group of thinkers support that cities have weightier provocation. Both have their own pros and cons. Therefore, before giving my view, both views must be discussed.

Examining the former view, the increasing number of vehicles created problems in megacities. On the one hand, the large number of traffic is producing more air pollution. This is because vehicles depend on the fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel and coal. These kinds of fuels make toxic gases which are very harmful to all living being. Moreover, Marketing strategies have been influencing people to buy new vehicles. This means that vehicle companies are offering new features in the vehicles, and individuals are buying them, but some mankind’s already have; They sell the old ones and buy new ones for their unique features. Due to this, that waste has been increasing in the cities, making the environment polluted.

On the other hand, cities have greater challenges because the health sector is the most vital part of developing cities. To add to this, people may get proper treatment for their illnesses, and individuals do more hard work, which helps cities’ economic growth. Furthermore, the Education system should be improved in urban areas. In other words, the city government ought to change the theoretical Schools to practical base schools, which may help students to gain more knowledge and experience from their practical institute. Thus, the unemployment and crime rate will considerably fall in the metropolitan.

Finally, in my opinion, I firmly support the second view. The primary justification is that if individuals are fit and healthy, then all problems will solve automatically. Also, the administration can succeed due to the rules and regulations. Still, most people are not following rules, obstructing the development of the metropolis.

To Conclude, my argument proves that cities have more important problems than the number of vehicles in the megacities.

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