Some People Believe That It Is Not Possible to Get Information About

some people believe that it is not possible to get information about the place when you are on holiday. Where some people believe that you can get the information. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Now people make their itinerary by using electronic gadgets and it has helped in making people’s day out memorable especially vacations. Some opine that it is impossible for people to obtain detailed information about a place when they are on holidays, while others think, they can get information with the help of technology. In my perspective, people can obtain information with one click on the computer and it is convenient to make now.

First off, those who consider that cannot get the information about the place, while they are on vacations. It is owing to the unavailability of the technology at remote places. Because these places are quiet and people can get to know about these locations only by visiting in person. For instance, countryside areas are full of peace and natural beauty. So to maintain it, no modern gadgets are used so that people can get first-hand experience only by visiting these places. Besides, sometimes, unforeseen circumstances make it impossible to get a clue about the places, while people are away from their homes. For instance, lockdown, curfew. When these are imposed then sometimes there is a complete ban on locating some places for the safety of the people as some nihilist can make use of technology and can create disharmony in the society.

On the other hand, it is in access to get information about any place with the assistance of technology. For example, if people are travelling to the East from the West, then at one click they get the desired information. It is a time-saving process and the internet provides safe secure places to people. People can make their travel easy an entertaining with the help of it.

To Conclude: In my perspective, sometimes, it becomes a hard nut to crack for the people to get the information about the places, while they are away from home due to the absence of technology at backward places, while, on the other hand, it is making the travel of masses enchanting, convenient to provide them prior information about the places.

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