Describe a Piece of International News That You Have Heard Recently on Covid-19 Second Wave

Describe a Piece of International News That You Have Heard Recently on Covid-19 Second Wave

● What the news is about?
● Where and when you heard it?
● What you were doing when you heard the news?
● Explain how you felt about this piece of international news?

Well, I read newspaper, magazines, watch television to keep myself abreast with the outer world. Global news really catches the attention of the people although international news has no immediate effect in case of a pandemic, this international news is taken seriously by all the Nations. Here I would like to speak about global news about the second wave of COVID-19 and when I heard about it on 10th February 2021 I was taken aback. I thought that the virus had vanished, but it was not like that.

was reading Business Standard Newspaper and when it described the whole incidents about the second wave. I got anxious. When I was reading business-standard then I immediately make a call to my friend to procrastinate the idea of throwing a party in a pub in Chandigarh because it was too risky at that time. I felt very sad knowing that people are suffering greatly even to know that it is more painful than the first wave and is more vulnerable for the children, gasping patients as well as other age groups who have some kinds of diseases.

t the same time, I was surprised that in mid-March the Cricket Board allowed more than one 30,000 fans mostly unmasked, to watch two international cricket games between India and England at Narendra Modi stadium Gujarat and in less than a month things begin to unravel. Tens of thousands of people are losing their lives and it is not the end even now people suffer more due to lack of oxygen, drugs and other tests. It is beyond surreal, what is happening? India second wave was fuelled by people letting their guard down attending marriages, birthday parties and in return getting infections. It seems to me now it’s a doom of this planet.

Follow Up Questions of Describe a Piece of International News That You Have Heard Recently on Covid-19 Second Wave

Question:-What is your newspaper reading style?

Well, I read the newspaper for infotainment. I don’t read news headings but I go in-depth and get detailed information. Apart from it, whenever I am in a hurry then I do skimming and scanning. Sometimes, I do intensive reading.

Question:-Do you think reading international news is important?

Yes, of course, reading news about the whole world is very important because in this way people get the news about different nations and they also think about how this news is related to them. If it has an immediate effect on them then they can make themselves safe and secure as in 2020, when the corona pandemic spread then people of other countries started to take safety measures and kept themselves safe. So getting information about international news is very important to make oneself up to date.

Question:-News that you have described do you think will impact the world? If yes then how?

Yes definitely it will have a great impact on the world due to covid-19 many children don’t get proper Vaccination, Nutrition and they are getting a victim of malnutrition. Malnutrition is another cause of death among children due to Covid-19. Children are not taken care of properly. So developed nations will help the poorer nations in saving the people of developing countries as well as UNICEF is doing a lot for the children who are suffering due to Corona Pandemic.

Question:- how covid-19 virus affects all the world?

The covid-19 virus has affected the whole world and people are suffering a lot. They have lost their jobs and the people who earn on daily wages are getting a victim of starvation. Almost the economy of whole Nations has got down. Life too has got slow down and the condition of the people is pitiable.

Question:- Do you think covid-19 second wave is more dangerous than the previous one?

In my point of view, as I have read in Times of India, Business Standard newspaper and many others publish that second wave is more dangerous to the infants and children as they are more vulnerable to this pandemic. Moreover, oldsters are always on the hit list of this pandemic. As per news agencies, it’s more dangerous because it is printed and telecast on television that the infection spreads 4 times quicker than the first wave. The mortality rate is higher than the first wave.

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