Some People Believe that To Reduce Industrial Pollution a Tax Should Be Imposed on Companies

Some people believe that to reduce industrial pollution a tax should be imposed on companies, while others believe that different measures should be taken to solve the problem. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In this modern era, the pollution caused by industries is extremely increasing than a few decades ago. Some people believe that the levy of cost to the company that causes the pollution must be increased. However, there are other effective ways to reduce pollution.

The higher tax can reduce the impact of industrial carbon emissions indirectly. Imposing stringent rules and higher taxes could make the industrialist think more about the operational cost of the company, as the more waste produced means more price for the tax because the money received from the tax would be used to overcome its side effects. For instance, it could pay the harmed person who lived nearby the factory. It is very common that people who live close to the industries have health and environmental issues caused by the industry.

Nevertheless, despite the tax imposed on the companies and they have to pay some extra money, it would never be a big deal for several companies as long as they could trade their product. This could happen because they have a huge profit. As another solution, the government needs to provide something interesting as a campaign. For instance, the industries which produce fewer toxins as waste will get a tax discount. It will encourage more companies to participate in reducing pollution. Apart from this, the government could educate as well related to the new sophisticated technologies that can be used for it.

To sum up, instead of imposing higher taxes for companies to control industrial pollution, people will be keen on new knowledge in technologies and the offer of some rewards like tax reduction when they succeed in solving their pollution problem.

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