Some People Claim that The Government Should Provide Free Health Care

Some people claim that the government should provide free health care. Others think that the government will not provide the most innovative methods of treatment and it’s better to invest those funds in education and culture. What is your opinion?

For healthy survival, medical supply is an essential key. Not only for humans but for all living beings, health care is necessary for a healthy life. There are many countries in the world that provide free health care and education to their county persons while other countries cannot be able to afford it.

Almost all western countries are providing free health care. The government took heavy tax from all the earning for providing such facility. The tax depends on an earning stage. Hence, low earning people has a chance to take health care even if they have no money. The facility provides by the government in health care and its method totally depends on the number of funds they can accumulate from the nation.

In Poor countries, they cannot rely on their nation’s people for the accumulation of heavy funds. Hence, they are not able to provide good techniques to hospitals and other clinics which are under government providence. Hence in such case, inventing such fund on education and cultural development become vital rather than inventing for free health care. Government should decide the portion of the fund needed to invest or not after discussion with higher admirals.

In my opinion, partial investment in education and cultural engagement would be a better choice than investing remain portion in health care. As health care is also essential for all people; and many homeless people cannot take care of themselves due to poverty.

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