Some People Participate in Extreme and Dangerous Sports: Writing Task 2

Some people participate in extreme and dangerous sports. What can be done to avoid danger? How could these sports be made safer?

In this modern era, Some fellow likes to join extreme and dangerous sports. In this essay, I will discuss how players can avoid any danger and how sports could be made safer for sports lovers.

On the one hand, there are some ideas to avoid any sports-related accidents. First and foremost, essential sports players should receive proper instruction from the expert because they are many examples where players have no idea about the sport. They just play to have or join because of other fellows. Secondly, players should check the quality of pieces of equipment before playing extreme sports because this equipment plays a big important role in any sport by providing safety to players during the game. For example, experts suggest one or two-day training to players before participating in games like sky diving and bungee jumping.

On the other hand, there are methods which can help players to make dangerous sports safer. Government should make it compulsory for all players to take proper training before any game because training gives them the power to avoid any fear before playing real sports. In addition, Moreover, Sports experts ensure that Hazdorous games should only be played during good weather instead of thunderstorms or heavy rain.

In conclusion, following proper precautions and checking the quality pieces of equipment make any sport safer.

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