Some People Think that Museums Should Be Enjoyable Places to Entertain People: Writing Task 2

Some People Think that Museums Should Be Enjoyable Places to Entertain People, While Others Believe that The Purpose of Museums Is to Educate. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Own Opinion

A museum is a place where ancient things like crafts and materials used for war or how ancient used to live are kept. There is a sense of enjoyment and finding that place for entertainment, while on the other hand, many believe that museums are a place for education. In my opinion, I strongly believe that the museum shall be visited for educational purposes rather than treated as a tour or picnic.

In this rapidly growing world, people forget about the past, how forefathers lived and how they struggled. How humans evolved, well current generation always is curious to know about the history. Even schools pitch about everything in books. They even make social studies subject mandatory. They definitely can make them understood theoretically. However, it is a bit tricky when it comes to showing the practically which museum plays a vital role in it. For instance, geological rocks, ancient transportation and earth rock formations. How non-engineer was building excellent engineering work.

While on the other hand, some people do take this as a fun place and criticize the way of ancient living. Apparently, not everything again can be recreated, for instance, videos are played for people who visit the place, and they enjoy the videos while taking it for knowledge. Not all museum museums are the same. Some of them do intentionally create an act or play for attraction to gain some money. Therefore, while paying entry fees, people take advantage of being entertained by museum staff.

To conclude, the museum shall be the best place to consider for educated, where every age of people can come.

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