Some People Regard Video Games as Harmless Fun or Even Useful Educational Tools

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Some People Regard Video Games as Harmless Fun or Even Useful Educational Tools

Some People Regard Video Games as Harmless Fun or Even Useful Educational Tools. Others, However, Believe that Video Games Are Having an Adverse Effect on The People Who Play Them. in Your Opinion, Do the Drawbacks of Video Games Outweigh the Benefits?

Some groups often believe of individuals that video games are beneficial and can be utilised for education. At the same time, other people are of the opinion that they could be detrimental to those who play them. While there are advantages to playing video games, However, in my opinion, I believe the harmful effects of playing them offset the benefits.

One of the benefits of playing this type of game is that it encourages the development of competitive skills, especially among younger children.
Moreover, getting involved in such activities enhances people to learn various means by which they can outsmart others since diplomacy is often helpful to become a winner in any system. For example, the former president of units state of America is known to have been a lover of video games right from childhood, and it is undisputed that it was valuable for his political supremacy.

Despite this, there are more disadvantages which can arise from playing video games. Firstly, students, especially those in elementary and high school, lack total concentration in academic performance. In other words, their assimilation rate is often relatively low, and this usually affects their overall outcomes. For instance, it was revealed in a survey carried out by the institute of academic research in Africa that pupil who plays video games could not attend university education. Secondly, depression is one of the most ordinary ailments among people who usually play video games. This is because most players rarely interact with friends or loved ones. They are often engrossed in games, resulting in self-isolation and, consequently, depression at certain stages of their lives. To illustrate, an African celebrity was diagnosed with depression late last year due to his frequent involvement in video games.

In conclusion, although playing video games could sometimes be valuable, the adverse effects outweigh the benefits because academic performance is affected and might result in mental illness.

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