Some People Say that No One Should Work after the Age of 65 Others

Some people say that no one should work after 65. Others say that they should continue the work as long as they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion

In recent years, the retirement age of a working professional has become a hot topic for debate. Few support the idea that age should not be a barrier and citizens should be allowed to work as long as they want; however, others condemn such notion and claim that they should not be allowed to work after 65. This composition will discuss both views before giving an opinion.

On the one hand, certain demographics of the society think that any individual who wants to continue to work after retirement age to feed a family or fulfil basic requirements for a living then age should not be a hurdle. They believe that because of the world, demands for a living have emerged and changed drastically since the last few decades, and some of the elders have to continue their jobs for survival. Another reason is, many older people, despite their good financial conditions, do not like to sit back at home and relax. Despite that, they have a wave of enthusiasm to work and innovate new things, and such people strongly criticize the idea of retirement. For example, in India, many bank employees join their bank again after few days of their retirement because some of them, unfortunately, undergo financial crises, while some join back because of their passion towards the work. Hence, supporters of this idea believe that age is just a number and individuals should not be stopped working until they voluntarily retire.

On the other hand, few people do not support this because of multiple reasons. Firstly, they feel that many youngsters have to be jobless because older people are not giving them any chance by not retiring. In Germany, for instance, young people rarely get a government job because employees there do not give up on their jobs as there is no restriction on age. Secondly, critics of this idea think that after working for almost 30 years, individuals should enjoy life with family without taking any stress of job which will give them immense joy. Thus, some people in the community back the idea of retirement after the age of 65.

To conclude, in my view, there should be a mid-way where the government and the employee can amicably decide whether the person should retire or continue to work because many times if an individual is not in a good financial condition, then the government or private firms can allow them to work.

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