Some People Think that Public Health Within a Country Can Be Improved by Government Making Laws

Some People think that public health within a country can be Improved by Government making laws regarding Nutritious food. Others, however, think that health is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It’s been believed that the government can enhance the fitness of its citizens nutritiously by implementing legislative rules. Whereas a few believe that well being totally depends on the individual as it’s their freedom of choice, in my opinion, willingness to stay fit impacts a person a lot more than the constitutional rules. The first body paragraph discusses the reasons and ways of how people can stay fit with their own determination, and the second part discusses the role of new rules by the government.

To embark upon, I firmly believe that people must have the liberty to choose their lifestyle and have their own balanced diet accordingly. Nowadays, people are well educated and are aware of the proper intake of food as they are health-conscious because they are aware of the consequences of having improper meals. Moreover, doing yoga, meditation, exercise, and other physical activities will improve the fitness level. However, these activities can be included in daily routine only if one is willing to do so, irrespective of any pressure for better results. For instance, in a few countries healthy and nutritious food is sold for cheaper prices so that the people belonging to every class can afford it which will surely increase the health rate and life span of people in that country.

On the contrary, enforcing rules on people will make them more cautious and particular about their food habits. Various fines and taxes can be imposed if the person is not taking a balanced diet. This will improve the lifestyle of people and the standard of the country. In addition, people must be educated about the importance of nutritious food and the laws if they don’t follow it as this will increase the awareness among people of all the communities. For instance, people nowadays are greedier and miserly, so implementing strict laws will make sure they spend enough on their food intake or else they will have the face the consequences.

To conclude, in my point of view, people can take care of themselves more appropriately when they are committed to doing so willingly. They will do the proper activities on time and maintain a balanced diet. However, the government can impose strict rules and punishments for the people who are careless about themselves and don’t have a proper health plan. This will make them change their lifestyle unwillingly, but the outcome will surely be positive.

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