Some People Think that Putting High Taxes on Industries

Some people think that putting high taxes on industries is the best solution to reduce pollution, while others think there are other better ways to achieve it. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

In the technology-driven world, people are furious to overcome certain industrial pollution barriers like air, water and noise. It may be the worst idea to increase the tax rate for certain manufactures because the aftermath became more than our expectations. In this essay, we analyze both views and will reach a concrete judgement.

To begin with, if the government bodies try to increase the taxes in various ways, then the industries will try to compensate for that from the market. After all, the common people will suffer the entire outcome. For example, there is a huge fortuitous for market fluctuation and malpractice. Secondly, if tax became comparatively high, there is a chance for some shutdowns and winding ups. Organizations cannot afford huge burdens to their daily operations, and they forcefully enter to the next level of downsizing and layoffs.


On the other hand, central officials can implement positive strategies in these areas. Firstly, they can provide the resources of raw materials with high quality that may not affect humankind and nature. Secondly, all these raw materials and machinery should be quality checked and designed as per manuals. However, these initiations will block the malpractices and black marketing. Last but not least, these initiations should be controlled by certain officials.

In my opinion, in this competitive world, innovations and market growth cannot stopover with overtax weights, and it is not practical. For a better result, officials may provide the easiest pathways to full-fledged functioning. However, it is controlled by strict judicial consultations.

In conclusion, pollution is part of industrial development. Of course, it is our responsibility to race voice against these issues; nevertheless, we can decrease its volume by implementing few remedies.

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