Some Say That Public Health Is Important

Some Say That Public Health Is Important and there should be more sports facilities. Others say that they have a small impact on individuals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Sports facilities are employed in an effort to promote public health. Despite this noble goal, often the true ramifications of such institutions are thought to be mediocre at best. This essay is going to analyse whether sports facilities contribute positively to communities, or whether they deliver too small an impact to be considered truly beneficial.

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On the one hand, many proponents argue the general health of a population could suffer if a dedicated facility is not created in a city. For example, in big concentrated cities like Shanghai, there simply is not the space for individuals to exercise safely.
Thus, if there were not sports facilities, people simply would not have any means of getting physical exercise. It is for this reason that opinions supporting the construction of athletic resources can be understood.

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On the other hand, many individuals would claim sports facilities pose little, if any, real impact on the public. For instance, in addition to the housed sports facilities discussed last paragraph, Shanghai has a tremendous number of smaller public exercise equipment available in parks and residential areas. Although created with the best intentions in mind, these facilities are typically without accompanying instructions outlining how to use them. As a result, they are rarely used at all. In this case, it is obvious why many feel certain sports facilities are ineffective and a large waste of money.


After looking at both the arguments of those in support of public sports facilities and those in opposition, it can be concluded that dedicated athletic bodies offer more to a community than they take away and thus should be considered a valuable part of any developing metropolis. It is hoped more recreational athletic resources are created for public use in the future.

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