Students today can access information online, so libraries are

Students today can access information online, so libraries are not necessary. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

For centuries libraries have been in the service of man. These libraries are the repositories of never. For centuries libraries have been in the service of man. These libraries are the repositories of never-ending knowledge known as books. Some people opine that we can do away with traditional libraries because technology has given us virtual or online libraries. I, however, believe that even though technology has reduced our need to go to the libraries, our traditional libraries can never become redundant.

With the advent of new technologies in computers and telecommunications, revolutionary changes have taken place in the field of Library and Information Science. The shape of traditional libraries containing a large number of printed documents is being transformed into paperless libraries containing a large number of digitized documents. The facilities offered by networking have not left libraries untouched. Modern libraries are not only digitized but networked also. This has led to the creation of virtual libraries, i.e. libraries without walls through which the user has access to information at any time, anywhere in the world, by using the modern tools of communications, such as computers and Internet facilities.

However, one should keep in mind that a person goes to a library to search and get information from books and sit and study there. The ambience and the peaceful and scholarly atmosphere of the library helps one to concentrate more on one’s work and study. Thus, libraries will never become unneeded. They will always be there to indicate the presence of a well-read and educated society.

Another important point is that it is always challenging to read books from the computer monitor. Traditional books can be issued from the library and read in the comfort of your bed. Virtual libraries can be accessed only by those who are computer literate. Access to virtual libraries can be affected by power cuts and network failures. Moreover, in a traditional library, you are guided by the librarians if you need any help in searching for the book.

To conclude, it can be said that advancement should be welcome in every field, but the importance of the libraries for their fundamental role cannot be put aside. Every library should have its digital segment also so that more and more people can access them. This will add more crowns of success to the importance of libraries.

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