Some People Think That the Government Should Establish Free Libraries

Some People Think That the Government Should Establish Free Libraries in each town. Others believe that it is a waste of money since people can access the Internet at home to obtain information. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.


Some individuals opine that the public should be provided free libraries, whereas others say that these Some individuals opine that the public should be provided free libraries, whereas others say that these days access to the Internet can provide all kinds of information and so we can do without free libraries. This essay shall look at both viewpoints. However, I personally believe that to enhance the quality of life, it is better to make the most of both – modern web-based and traditional library resources. In today’s era of modernisation, the advantages of using the Internet are only too obvious.

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Online resources can be obtained from all over the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while a library’s publications cannot provide up-to-minute information, the way the web sites can. Some sites feature rare books, documents and special collections that traditionally have been only available in libraries. Almost at no cost and merely a few clicks away, the public can read newspapers, magazines, journals and encyclopedias, no matter when or where. Furthermore, the Internet offers a complete multimedia experience such as texts, video, audio, and graphics, all at once, but such advantages often cannot be expected from town libraries. On the other hand, money spent on public libraries is certainly worth it.

To start with, knowledgeable librarians can be of practical help when it comes to offering professional advice about where to find information on particular topics. Now that anyone can create a website, the reliability of the information on the Internet is not guaranteed, and as such there are cases in which the Internet is no substitute for the library. Secondly, libraries can house printed copies that date back many decades, whereas the Internet provides the current information only. In addition, computers in libraries also offer free Internet connection and other electronic resources, which all people may not have in their homes to access the Internet.

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Furthermore, libraries are places, which provide the ambience to sit and study; an atmosphere is created where one feels like studying. Such places are needed to increase the reading habits among the youth of today. Additionally, the elderly, who are not so tech-savvy, can come and sit there to satiate their hunger of knowledge. A variety of magazines and newspapers can be provided in a section of the library, so that people can keep abreast of what is happening all around.


To sum up, traditional libraries and virtual or online libraries should complement each other. We cannot do away with libraries just because of the online resources available today.

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