Talk About a Book You Are Reading Now or Have Read Recently

Talk about a book you are reading now or have read recently. You should say:

  • How and why you got it?
  • How long have you read it, or have you been reading it?
  • What kind of book is it?
  • And say if you would like to read something else similar or not, and why?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Book You Are Reading Now or Have Read Recently

Honestly, I am not an avid reader, so I must have read about 2-3 books until now. Mostly, I never buy books, but I always receive them as a gift. Similarly, I received a motivational book called “The Secret” from one of my friends from the office. She has seen me disappointed and unmotivated after the appraisal discussion, and she thought of gifting me this to uplift my spirits.

Initially, I read two pages in two days and thought it boring because of the contents, like affirmations to say daily, and I did not believe in manifestations theory. One day when it was raining, I did not step out, so, thinking of spending my leisure time at home, I thought of giving this book another chance. To my surprise, I kept on reading until the first half. This book has a good pull as it hooked me up for a very long time, and I completed it in 4-5 days.

The secret is a self-help book concerning the power of positive thoughts. It is associated with manifestations, the law of attraction and affirmations, and how it works when you start believing things.

I am quite a curious person, and these theories have made me interested more in reading such genre books. I feel it gives the direction to life goals. Thoughts and the law of attraction are interrelated, and you can achieve the impossible if you are willing to affirm it and believe it.

Follow Up Questions Talk About a Book You Are Reading Now or Have Read Recently

Question 1. Do people read more nowadays?

Answer – Though I am not an ardent fan of book reading, I love reading some exciting segments of the newspaper and some magazines in my free time. So it depends on the material you are keen to read about. Some people must have developed reading habits even more during the covid pandemic, as we were informed to stay indoors and not step out. People have many options to read; they e-read from their iPads or Kindles while travelling or waiting at some place.

Question 2. Do you read before going to bed?

Answer – Yes, I do read, but the intention is to fall asleep. I know you would crack up listening to this, but yes, I soon fall asleep when I start reading. Not because the content is boring but because I prefer reading when I have a fresh mind to understand what is written. At night, we are mostly tired, and I think reading even a sentence would make me doze off if I am exhausted from the daily routine.

Question 3. In your opinion, how will ebooks affect paper books?

Answer – Ebooks are better than paper books as they will help in saving paper. We all know that the documents are interlinked with the trees, and it will eventually stop tree cutting, at least for this purpose. Also, one more advantage is that you will not require to carry a heavy load of paper books which would take up extra space in your bag. RInsteadebooks, even on phone apps, would be helpful and convenient. These ebooks also have one more functionality, i.e. they can not run out of copies compared to paper books.

Question 4. What’s the difference between films and books?

Answer – The main difference between the films and the books is that one is dynamic and static. In the book, the story develops as the reader reads the text, while the story in the film unfolds with time and the viewer experiences it in real-time. Books are a tool for imagination, while the films we see are a reality. Many people who are not book readers like me would prefer watching a movie of the same book theme which would make me understand better.

Question 5. What is one example of traditional literature in your country?

Answer – India, a secular country, has many religions and traditional literature. However, I would like to give you an example of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It is a Hindu scripture that is part of the epic Mahabharata, and it is said that the whole book contains the words of God and his advice during the battlefield between Kauravas and Pandavas, where Lord Krishna guides Arjun when he thinks he is losing the battle of Kurukshetra.

Question 6. Do you like reading the traditional literature of your country?

Answer – Yes, I like reading Srimad Bhagavad Gita as it mentions the philosophy of life and the essence of spirituality and is the wisdom book for every human. It gives powerful learning for each situation. It is said that when you have a dilemma about a problem or a person, you can turn up pages of this book, and it does take you to the guided part where you can read this and make it worthwhile to overcome the fears of the failures. So I believe it is quite an inspiration for me.

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