Talk about a Fishing Area You Visited

Talk about a Fishing Area You Visited

  • Where it is?
  • How do you know about it?
  • When and With whom do you go there?
  • How was the overall experience?

Well, fishing is one of the most relaxing activities, but not many people can enjoy it due to the unavailability of a natural water body around. I feel lucky to experience fishing once during my visit to my cousin’s uncle house, who lives in a village near the river. There is a famous fishing area near his town, and I was pretty curious to visit there.

The Very Next Morning, I went there with my uncle and Reached there. I could not believe my eyes because the beauty of this place was breathtaking. The river was flowing steadily was extremely pleasant, and there was greenery around the river banks. My uncle has his fishing gear, and he taught me how we could catch some fish.

Many other people were there with their fishing rods, and my uncle was also carrying a big umbrella to save us from the direct sunlight. My uncle said that we should remain quiet and better read a book because otherwise, it gets challenging to catch a fish.

We were fortunate that we got two salmons pretty good in size, and my uncle took my photograph while I was grabbing both of the fishes in each of my hands. Interestingly, There was also a provision for a barbecue, and we cooked fish and enjoyed their only.

Along with fishing, I enjoyed the pristine weather and nature, and I was thankful to my uncle for such a wonderful experience. In fact, my uncle said that he is planning to buy a fishing boat, so the next time I visit him, I will be fishing the river sitting in a boat rather than sitting on the bank. Overall It was an excellent experience fishing that I had lately.

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