Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

Please say

– What is it?
– When and where did you buy it?
– How often do you or your family members use it?
– And explain why you think it is useful.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

I am in love with my desktop, you will wonder how anyone can like a desktop so much, but I do. I especially like its features and the big touch screen, and it’s so much easy to use.

I bought this in Dubai at GITEX. Gitex is a trade show which happens annually in which mainly electronic items are sold. My husband and I both use it on an everyday basis. Without this, I feel like I am handicapped. I can complete all my professional and personal work (which can be done online) on it.

If I get tired of work, I can also enjoy some excellent movies on it. Its features also support all types of games. It’s not only my desktop, and it’s my complete package of entertainment. That’s why I am in love with this piece.

Follow-ups Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home.

Question 1. What other helpful equipment do you have and use at home?

Answer – I use many pieces of equipment daily for personal and professional purposes, such as a printer, scanner, juicer, grinder, tv, etc.

Question 2. Do you think the younger generation is more comfortable with modern equipment than older people? Why?

Answer – Yes, it’s true, younger generations have been using these gadgets from their childhood. I feel that’s the reason they are more comfortable as compared to older generations.

Question 3. Nowadays, many factories use automatic machines and equipment instead of manual labor.

Answer – Absolutely right, physical labor has reduced a lot because of the development’s automatic machines. And it’s also required then only we will be able to serve the large populations we have now.

Question 4. Why do you think it is?

Answer – So that they can maximize the production and make more money.

Question 5. Do you believe that robots will replace people in the near future?

Answer – Of course, it’s already in process. They are already being used in big manufacturing plants, and I think soon it will come on smaller plants.

Question 6. Where will people be replaced by robots completely, in your opinion?

Answer – In the coming 150 years. I think it will be replaced altogether.

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