Talk about a Time when Felt Really Bored You Should Say

Talk about a time when you felt really bored. You should say

Questions1. When was it?

Answer – I live in a developing country, and electricity outrage is widespread here. So I usually get bored when there is no power.

Questions2. Who were you with?

Answer – I was at home and with my family.

Questions3. What were you doing?

Answer – I was hapless and doing nothing except experience sweating and splashing water on my face in short intervals.

Questions4. Why you felt bored?

Answer – Today, power disconnection makes you disconnect from the world. Internet, TV, and every source of entertainment become useless, and one just thinking how much these devices have penetrated the once life.

 Follow up 

Questions1. When do people feel bored?

Answer – People usually feel bored when they lose interest in what they are doing.

Questions2. What can people do when they feel bored?

Answer – They should make a list of things that can ignite or spark their motivation. This could be a piece of music, art, movie or any physical activity.

Questions3. Do people get bored with daily routines?

Answer – It is obvious and evident that monotonous or routine things make the person dull. For instance, mothers often argue that she is tired of doing daily chores like cooking, cleaning, and washing.

Questions4. Is it easier for younger people to feel bored than for the old?

Answer – Yes, younger people feel bored easily than the older ones. One or the biggest reason is that younger people are inexperienced and searching for their true passion, and during that process, they may find things boring that follow their interest. While older people have whole life experiences in front of them, they know how to overcome the boring life.

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