talk about an unusual meal.

talk about an unusual meal.

Who made it?

 Where did you eat it?

now, what is your opinion about the meal?

there are three basic necessities of every person in his life-food, shelter and the clothing.but the food is the most important among these must need food to survive in his today I would like to talk about an unusual meal prepared by my mother at home.I ate it when I was in 6th was my 10th birthday and my mother decided to celebrate my birthday.she prepared many dishes for the occasion.on that day my mother prepared a special meal which became my favourite meal.

I was living in Moga with my family at that uncle’s family is also living in my mother invited them to the party.whether most children like to eat candies, chocolates in their mother always tries to keep me away from these things because these are not good for the teeth of the children and these are not nutritious my mother took some carrots, khoa made from milk, ghee, and dry fruits according to the need.first, she fried the crushed carrots in ghee on slow heat and after that, he added some khoa and sugar with milk in it.when the dish became little hard and water evaporate from it, she added the crushed dry fruits in it according to the need.

it was really very delicious.I enjoyed it with my friends and my family.everyone was praising of my mother after tasting this aunt also asked my mother about the recipe .so my mother told her about it.I often eat this dish when I want to eat it.first my mother prepared it for me but after my marriage, my wife learned it from my mother and my son eat it with great joy.


Q-1: what type of food is famous is famous in the society?

Ans: fast food is very famous among people of all ages nowadays.this food is easily available in the market and cheap also.

this food is high in fat and calories and very oily.this is not good for the health of human beings.

Q-2: which food you prefer fast food or homemade food?

Ans: I like to eat homemade foot in comparison to fast food because it is high in proteins and less in is very hygienic is good for health and easy to digest.

Q-3: what is the major reason behind this that children become obese nowadays?

Ans: the major reason for the obesity among children is their addiction to fast foods.children prefer to eat fast food in comparison to homemade food.becaus the curriculum is very hard and they have less time to eat homemade food because it takes more time to prepare but on the other hand fast food could be bought anywhere in the market at a cheap price.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon


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talk about an unusual meal

talk about an unusual meal

talk about an unusual meal

talk about an unusual meal

talk about an unusual meal

talk about an unusual meal



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