Talk About Something You Did That Was Difficult but Successful

Talk about something you did that was difficult but successful, You should say

  • What it was?
  • How did you complete it?
  • Why it was difficult?
  • And how do you feel about doing it?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something You Did That Was Difficult but Successful

There are many times the things some tasks and some study related subjects that we find difficult but after putting some efforts we will able to be successful in them so here I would like to talk about the subject of economics initially when I was in 11th and 12th standard I struggled a lot to get even passing marks in economics, and I was not ready to take this subject further in my bachelor’s degree, but my aunt forced me to take that subject, so I take, but it was a very difficult subject to study according to me because I found many problems in learning these concepts there was a teacher near to my house which has done m.a. economics, so I decided to study with her she made every possible effort to clear my basics and with her efforts and my determination I got 70 marks and then I decided to do masters of economics and recently I have cleared masters of economics with 67%, and I really felt very happy that I have got this positive outcome and I had done this.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something You Did That Was Difficult but Successful

Question 1:- What kinds of jobs require people to be confident?

Answer- I think all the kinds of jobs require people to be confident, but yes, the communications job requires your confidence more as uh will be able to communicate better only if uh will have confidence.

Question 2:- On what occasions should children be encouraged? How?

Answer- I think almost on every occasion children should be taught to make gifts themselves whenever you go for a birthday party, and they should also be encouraged to celebrate the festival as they will able to understand their culture and customs.

Question 3:- How do you help children stay focused?

Answer- I think they should stay focused only if they are in discipline and also with the involvement of meditation in their daily life routines they will be able to concentrate on their studies well and for their bright future.

Question 4:- What challenges do young people face today?

Answer- The challenges young people face today is to find a job actually a suitable job for themselves as they work very hard to get a perfect job for themselves moreover they also find it difficult to get a seat in renowned college and university.

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