You Have Missed Some Important Papers Accidentally on A Bus

You have missed some important papers accidentally on a bus. Write a letter to the manager of the Taxi company. In your letter:

  • Give the details of your journey
  • Explain why those papers are important for you
  • Suggest what can the manager do

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this epistle to the taxi manager to seek out assistance for transferring the papers which I have forgotten in your bus accident.

Let me inform you that yesterday I was sitting on the bus which was traveling from makiwara to Khanna. The number which was written on the bus was PB19854. In addition to it, the driver’s name was charan Preet Singh. I sat down in 3rd seat, and I was in a hurry. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my previous papers on the bus along with the file, which was green in color.

Suffice to say that, the papers which I dropped mistakenly were of my company’s papers. Apart from it, I don’t have made a soft copy of that paper. If it does not find, my endeavor will go into vain, and then I will have to prepare all documents again. I would like to request you to check my documents IF feasible and let me know immediately. I am under severe stress. Kindly try to fetch out the material which I have left on the bus. I would be very grateful to you.

I am eagerly waiting for your prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

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