The Best Way to Make the Road Transport of Goods Safer Is to Ask Drivers to Take a Driving Test Each Year

The best way to make the road transport of goods safer is to ask drivers to take a driving test each year. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Goods are essential commodities to the development of every country. Therefore, the most effective approach to ensuring the safety of transporting them is the testing of drivers every year. From my perspective, I agree with this notion as this will help improve drivers’ skills and prevent indiscriminate damage to goods due to reckless driving.

To commence with, when truck drivers are retrained yearly, this will help improve their driving skills. Undoubtedly, it takes a total number of years for drivers to become experienced in their field. Driving without being retrained on frequent time intervals can lead to many devasting accidents, as most drivers are likely to lose their skills. Moreover, these yearly tests help drivers get accustomed to new driving developments. For instance, recent statistics show that retraining drivers on frequent time intervals help improve their skills significantly.

Again, seasonally testing drivers can help prevent extensive damage to valuable goods like fruits and Vegetables when transported from production sites to retailers due to reckless driving. This can even lead to a fatality among those on board. Most of these accidents could be mitigated when drivers receive a whole set of new skills in driving, which will eventually ensure the correct supplies of commodities. To buttress this point, in most western countries like the US, UK and Canada, where truck drivers who transport items like Vegetables, fruits and so on are trained, there is a low rate of accidents, and the safety of goods is mainly ensured.

In conclusion, I reiterate my opinion that drivers who transport commodities should be made to go through yearly testing. This way, they will learn new things, and goods will always be kept in good shape.

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