The Exploration and Development of Safe Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Should Be the Most Important Global Priority Today

The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priority today. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is no news that mother earth is under threat due to global warming. This is primarily due to man’s use of fossil fuels which produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are generally harmful to health. I absolutely agree that safer options should be the foremost priority.

Environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels that can combat this growing greenhouse effect are nuclear power, solar power, wind power, biodiesel and others. These options have been proven to be safer because they rely on power from natural sources. Therefore, this should be the utmost concern for governments and individuals to invest in instead of channelling billions of dollars into refineries.

However, although these substitutes offer a clean break from fossil fuels, they are expensive. For instance, solar and wind energy. This is primarily the reason why they have not been fully embraced worldwide. But If there is a budget for these types of projects, and also if priority is given to these substitutes, considering their impact on our dying world, it can be achieved no matter the limitations involved.

In conclusion, oil and gas dominate the global market, but alternate forms of energy are gaining ground as research and development into cleaner energy continue. If ultimate consideration is given to these Eco-friendly replacements, the adverse effects of climate change will be minimal and manageable.

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