The Government in Many Countries Has Recently Introduced Special Taxes

The government in many countries has recently introduced special taxes on foods and beverages with high levels of sugar. Some think these taxes are a good idea, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The consumption of sugar-based drinks is rising in today’s generation, and so are the health issues associated with it. Some people believe imposing taxes on them is not a good idea, and some favor it. Below we will dig deep into the topic and understand it in detail.

To onset with the most imperative fact, the sugar drinks to lead to health problems like diabetes and diabetes are being the most common issue these days. If we try to understand the situation here, the initial reason for the government to impose taxes on sugary drinks is to reduce their consumption in order to reduce the patients of diabetes further and cure it in the population. Individuals might cut the consumption of these drinks because of their increased price, and this move might help.

Moving further, Some individuals have thought that the government is putting all the extra money into its account without thinking it the other way. Also, this adversely affects the manufacturing companies as well. Their total sales decrease, so as their profit share. This move will affect the economy somehow. Additionally, some of the population believes that it increases the burden on middle-class families and those who can not afford it .

To sum up, I’ll say it’s a good idea to increase the taxes somehow by maintaining the balance between the increased percentage of taxes and the people without damaging the ongoing economy. No doubt it is a great move to reduce the health problems in the country, and I stand in favor of it as I believe government takes all the necessary steps for our betterment. We should believe in their workings without questioning them as in this case they are totally thinking about its population’s safety.

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