Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked: Recent Speaking Cue card

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Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked Recent Speaking Cue card (1)

Talk About A Fountain You Liked

  • Where is it?
  • How do you learn about it?
  • Describe the fountain.
  • Why do you like it so much?

Sample Answer of Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Well, a fountain is one of my favourite kinds of things, and it is beautiful, and if it’s decorated well, it shines bright at night. And here I am going to talk about a fountain which I like. that fountain is found in the Garden and is called Rose Garden, located in my city, almost 15 km from my home.

I went to the rose garden for the first time with my family, and I saw it at night, and it was beautifully decorated with lights and the different kinds of shows available at the park.

Some people called at the fountain show, and I think I loved that show. After the show, I told my friends and Relatives about it, and I made a plan with my friends after one week to visit again at there and see the same show.

I like the fountain because it is completely decorated with lights and well maintained by the garden staff and the best thing about the show is that people love it, and I think I really enjoyed myself.

Follow Up Questions Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Question 1:- What type of fountains is available in India?

Answer – In India, many types of fountains are available in very different places. Still, I think every fountain has its beauty and if I talk about the garden fountains, which are very good at showing the city’s beauty.

Question 2:- Is it essential to build a fountain in a park or Garden?

Answer – Well, Gardens are an excellent option to build a fountain in the park or in the garden to attract people and with the help of a fountain and more and more people come from different regions or different cities to watch the fountain show or kind of fountain thing because everyone loves the way fountain represents itself. It is perfect to have a fountain if anyone has a park or garden in their city.

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