The Movement of People from Villages to Cities for Work Can Cause Serious Problems in Both Places

The movement of people from villages to cities for work can cause serious problems in both places. What are the serious problems associated with this? What measures can be taken to solve these problems?

It is probably true to say that, for better standard of living and education lion part of countrymen migrated to metros. They had the inclination to settle in cities and continue their realm and forward to the next stages of life. In this essay, I elaborate on the reasons for the same and find attainable solutions.

To begin with, there are a plethora of opportunities for sprawl in cities. Cities are well advanced in leading facilities like in the fields of employment, education, speciality hospitals, railways stations, airports and so on. Due to huge migration and overpopulation, places were shrinking, and people were appalled with rigid life. The vicinity of more and more buildings and malls curb their freedom. Increasing vehicle rates, building and other organizations causes various pollutions like sound and air. This also leads people to different ailments. Apart from this, tax rates and other expenses are far higher than village sides.

On the other hand, after mass migration, populations are comparatively reduced in villages. The basic work like farming, agriculture and small scale industries may wind up due to lack of manpower and materials. In addition, rural areas may not develop, and villagers dreadfully felt difficulties with transportation and education. Rather than this, inherent jobs may be wiped out from the same place.

As a remedial part, the government should implement fruitful plans for the development of the countryside. Better standard of living, education and other prominent services should be started for villagers. Moreover, always nurture innate skills.

In conclusion, it is the utmost responsibility of the officials that they have taken care of their people without fail. However, the villagers should enhance their creativity, and they must accept official’s proposals.

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