Very Few School Children Learn About the Value of Money and How to Look After It,

Very few school children learn about the value of money and how to look after it, yet this is a critical life skill that should be taught as part of the school curriculum. Do you agree or disagree?

It is true that not many children have knowledge of money and how to make good use of it, yet this is an important life skill that ought to be included in their timetable.l completely agree that this unique kind of scheme will be a good idea and I will explain why, in the course of this essay.

The idea of imparting young minds about the value of money and how to manage it would be extremely positive for them as they grow up and it will give them a sense of responsibility in their dealings with people in the society. For example, when I turned 15, my mother homeschooled me about financial independence and the importance of saving and investing. Before I graduated, I was already exposed to the importance of being a spendthrift, I was able to make my own financial decisions, and I was not wasteful at all with my earnings.

I believe that if all children are taught about the importance of money and how to manage it properly, this will go a long way in curbing laziness in them and give them a push to do better in their endeavours. For instance, a child from a wealthy family who does not know how genuine money is made will likely abuse money; the child may end up buying things he may not have bought if the money was made with his sweat and hard work. If such a person is given a huge amount in the future, the funds will definitely be squandered. But, if he has an in-depth knowledge of the concept of money and what to do with it, he will work hard to make it on his own and depend less on their parents’ achievements.

In conclusion, not all children know about money and how to manage their finances at an early age, yet it is a fundamental skill that is supposed to be a part of their academic schedule. I absolutely love the idea, and I agree that schools should include this in their curriculum to help these young minds prepare for the future, be more responsible members of society, eliminate laziness and total dependence on parents, and help them live a fulfilled life far from vices in their respective careers.

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