The Wildlife Population Worldwide Has Decreased by Around Fifty Percent

The wildlife population worldwide has decreased by around fifty per cent over the last fifty years. What can we do to help protect wildlife around the world?

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At the present times, published figures describe that the population of wildlife, decreased by nearly 50% over the last 5 decades. There are some reasons for such a situation and a possible solution behind this. My positions are discussed in the ensuing paragraphs.

Paragraph 1

Discussing the reasons and solutions for such a situation, the primary one is that the government should spread awareness of wildlife. The reason is that the higher authorities have duties to protect any animal or bird, whether it is domestic or wild. They can spread awareness by organizing camps and clubs for the protection of wildlife creatures. For example, in my area where I live, the MLA of my area made a club and camp to protect wild animals and birds one year ago. More people participated in the club and camp to spread awareness to others.

Paragraph 2:

Also, not only governments but also local people have responsibilities to protect wildlife. Because people have no right to demolish the area of wild animals to secure the place of different facilities obtained by people. People also make camp and local club for the protection of animals. Moreover, they can also make one particular area for animals and birds where they can live a life. To elaborate, areas like zoos and parks. For instance, a park which I visited last year, which was made by a local citizen and the government’s help by collecting a little amount of money.


To conclude the discussion, from the last five decades to till today, figures which published of wildlife fell 50 percent. It can be finally said that the people and government both have duties for protecting animals and can do by spreading awareness through camp and club. Also, they can make a separate area for wildlife such as zoos and parks.

This is the end of the writing task: the wildlife population worldwide has decreased by around fifty percent over the last fifty years.

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