You Were Forced to Change Your Plans Because of the Weather

Talk about an occasion when you were forced to change your plans because of the weather. Please say

– When did this happen?
– Where were you?
– What kind of weather was it?
– Explain why you had to change your plans.

Sample Answer

When did this happen?

There are so many times I changed my plan just because of the weather. Today, I would like to talk about the plan which I changed by the weather.

Where were you?

Last year, I had my birthday party, and I invited all of my best friends. We enjoyed the cake and dance, and then suddenly we make a plan to visit the museum. We all assemble at my home because my home is near to the bus station. On the day of the plane,

What kind of weather was it?

We reached the bus station, and the rain was started. We waited for some time for the rain to stop. But the rain was not stopped; it was like cats and dogs. We went to my house and changed our plan and decided to visit the museum next weekend.

Explain why you had to change your plans.

However, it did not ruin our day. We played many games at my home, and my mother also baked delicious snacks for us, and we enjoyed both. Our friends spend a lot of time together just playing games. Overall, the feeling I had that time can not be expressed in words. That day is a memorable day of my life.

Part 3 (Discussion) 

– How does the weather influence people’s lives?
->There are many ways weather influence people’s life. The first one is that the rain can help me concentrate on my study because of the pleasant environment. Summer can help people stay together because of the summer vacation to live life fullest and for winter.

– Do you think that people’s mood can be affected by the weather?
-> yes, as I said earlier, people change their mood according to the weather. For example, some people can not like the hot summer to make angry because of the summer.

– Do you think extreme weather events we are experiencing now are related to climate change?
-> yes, obviously the climate change because of the extreme weather condition and people themself. Because people pollute the environment and that impact directly, we are seen as global warming. Thus, we can experience horrible weather the climate changes.

– How has climate change influenced your country?
->There are many ways which influence a country because of the climate. As I said, earlier people pollute the environment, so that we have to face the sun’s harsh hotness because of global warming. So, the government does a project for reducing pollution in all kinds of pollution such as water, noise and all.

– Do you think only the governments should be responsible for dealing with climate change or individuals?
->According to my perception, both government and individuals have responsibilities to take care of climate change. They can do various things to protect the environment, such as campaigns and making clubs for spreading awareness.

– What measures can be taken to tackle climate change on the government and individual level?
->There are so many methods available for tackling the problem of climate change. To begin with, government and individuals organize camps and clubs for spreading awareness. They can use fewer private vehicles and encourage more people to use public vehicles and all.

this is the end of the cue card: Talk about an occasion when you were forced to change your plans because of the weather.

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