The World Would Be a Better Place if Women Own the Leadership

The world would be a better place if women own the leadership. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

The universe becomes a greater site when females get the authority to be a leader. I strongly believe that women have the ability to make a superior world.

Propitiously, ladies have high emotional intelligence. To be precise, women can easily understand anyone’s problem and try to rid it off as well as give them justice. Being a leader, this quality assists them to solve the issue emotionally as well as accurately. To cite an example, the study conducted by America reveals that most of the politician ladies take their decision efficiently through their emotions; Therefore, it is beneficial for the globe.

Moreover, with high authority, females were more emphasis on girls security. To corroborate, women can set stringent rules and regulations for girls safety which aid to reduce rape cases in the world. To exemplify, in Dubai, there were strict laws implemented by women governors for girls safety; as a consequence, the proportion of rape cases are dropped down day by day.

In conclusion, for several reasons, it is advantageous for the earth to give authority to ladies because they are not only emotionally intelligent for giving justice but also they pay more focus on girls security.

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