Talk About a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Talk about a computer/phone game you enjoy playing since your childhood

  • What the game is about,
  • When you started playing it,
  • How often do you play this game,
  • Why do you enjoy playing it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

During my childhood days, I loved a series of phone games, but there’s a particular game called Bounce. This game is all about moving a doll from one height to another without falling on torn or any obstacles. It has various stages, and the higher you get, the harder it becomes. During those days, I was stalked at the 30th stage because I was unable to move the doll to the final lap of the stage; although I never gave up, I kept trying until the phone got lost and I couldn’t play again. I enjoyed playing the game because it helped me to exercise my judgement of precision and accuracy, that is, the ability to predict the exact distance between two distances with a mere look.

Recently, my choice of the game has changed to Scrabble and the word Scape. These two is all about critical thinking skill and also help me to know varieties of English words. It helps with vocabulary building, too, so that is why I enjoy playing it frequently. In the future, if I have access to more engaging games, I guess my choice will still change, but currently, Scrabble and word Scape are at the top of the list.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Question 1:- What is the impact of teen addiction to games?

Answer:- Addiction to the game has a negative effect on teens, especially when addicted to those that do not increase their intelligence quotient. Addiction makes teens be useless and less efficient in other aspects of life, mostly in their academics. It can also attract bad company because an addicted child will want to go to any length in search of games, and from there, he may associate with bad peers.

Question 2:- Should parents or teachers take necessary action to prevent children from playing games?

Answer:- Some games help to improve a child critical thinking, such as quiz games, Scrabble. Therefore parents and teachers should check out the type of game their children enjoy. When the game has negative effects on a child, they should take the necessary steps to curb it.

Question 3:- What do you think are the benefits of playing games?

Answer:- There are tons of advantages someone can get from games, and some of these are; Improve learning, sharpening the brain, engage the child with educating tasks. Games like quiz games help children understand better what they have been taught in class; it also helps them to figure out their weaknesses and strengths, thereby increasing their intelligence and making them have access to education all the time instead of engaging in irrelevant things or playing. The game will keep them busy at all times.

Question 4:- Why games have been popular amongst teenagers in recent years?

Answer:- Nowadays, computer games are now trending among youths reason being that traditional plays like hiding and seek have gone into extinction, and most of them don’t even have a chance to play with peer groups except in school, their daily life cycle has always been from home to school then back home locked inside. Therefore the only way they have fun is to play computer games.

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