Describe the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public

Describe the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public. You should say

  • Where were you?
  • What did you sing?
  • How did you feel?

Sample Answer of Describe the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public

Well, in my life, I did numerous performances in front of individuals, but here I would like to describe a time when I first time sang a song in front of the public; it was a Folk Song. I remember the day when I was in the 9th standard; my school organized a competition on the 15th of August, where it is compulsory for 9th and 10th class students to participate in this competition.

So, I started preparing a folk song to sing in public. First, I felt so anxious because it was my first performance in front of a huge crowd. Finally, the day came, and it was time to perform. At that time, I had butterflies in my stomach, and my legs were shivering because it was my first performance.

Then I remembered my mother’s motivational talks; after a while, it gave me abundant confidence. Then I start singing a folk song, and I feel more energetic. In the end, everyone started to appreciate my performance by applauding me.

Moreover, many individuals compliment me that I have a melodious voice, and I feel very glad. When the result was announced that I stood in the first position, and my head principal mam gave a medal to appreciate me, at that time I felt Over the moon and also felt very proud of myself, that I gave an astonishing performance in the front of everyone.

Follow-ups of Describe the Time when You Had to Sing a Song or A Poem in Front of The Public

Question 1. Do teenagers and adults enjoy the same kind of songs?

Answer 1. Yes, I think that in this modern era, every individual prefers to listen to trendy songs, whether it’s teenagers or adults. Both age groups love to hear Punjabi beat songs and western songs.

Question 2. What are the factors that make people like a song?

Answer 2. The diction in music and the meaning of that songs always influence the individuals to like the song. These days, every individual prefer to listen to their favourite singer’s songs.

Question 3. On which occasions do people in your country sing together?

Answer 3. In my country, there are several occasions where individuals love to sing a song in groups, such as in marriage functions, at birthday parties or on any religious occasion. In these ways, they can relish their mood as well as make some unforgettable memories.

Question 4. What kinds of songs are suitable for children? Why?

Answer 4. As far as I am concerned, kids have to listen to those songs which not only give them a piece of knowledge about their culture or religions but also entertain them. Most of the children influence themself to listen to western music in order to enhance their linguistic ability.

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