Not All Drivers Obey the Laws While Driving on Roads

Not all drivers obey the laws while driving on roads. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to fix this problem?

It is necessary to follow our traffic rules and regulations in our country; otherwise, it will create numerous problems, including punishments. As a developing country, our vehicle ratio is competitive than any other international country. There are convincing reasons for breaking these laws, and several remedies are also explained in this essay.

Initially, unawareness of traffic rules and regulations is the leading cause of the negligence of traffic laws. Most of the drivers treated that rules are for breaking. They avoid the safety and security of pedestrians, fellow drivers, and even roads. Due to their harsh and negligent driving, individuals lost their lives and belongings. As an immediate remedy, authorities should initiate awareness classes for drivers.

Furthermore, the usage of drugs and alcohol is another main problem for the particular issue. These also cause insecurity and turmoil for pedestrians and fellow travellers. As an addict to these behaviours, drivers do not have the mentality to follow the rules.

However, government and officials can easily hunk these issues. Firstly, compared with any other international laws, Indian laws have plenty of loopholes. So, officials should take strict actions against rudderless driving. In addition, it is a better option to install security systems like GPS and infrared alarms in vehicles. Also, a single monitoring system helps to coordinate these systems without fail. Lastly, at certain intervals updating traffic laws and rules are compulsory for every individual.

In conclusion, as a civilian, it is our utmost priority to obey the traffic rules because all these rules are for our goodwill. If not, there is no security for our life and properties.

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