Today Many Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games

Today many children spend a lot of time playing computer games and little time on sports. Why is it? Is it positive or negative development?

Sample Answer of Today Many Children Spend a Lot of Time Playing Computer Games

The paradigm shift has changed the routine of the children. These days, they utilize more time playing games on electronic gadgets and have very little time playing sports. I think it is due to cutting edge technology and nuclear families. This is a negative development, and I will discuss the reasons in detail in the subsequent paragraphs.

To commence with, Juveniles spend a lot of time playing computer games because technology entices them by inducing them to play different levels that are full of suspense and entertainment. So, after crossing each level, they are eager to know what will happen next? So, this thing creates their interest, and they play games more on the computer. The classical example is Angry Bird, Mario as well as Candy Crush. This has a negative impact on them as they become couch potato and lead a sedentary lifestyle. This thing does not allow them to play some sports. They are involved mentally, not physically.

Moreover, due to inflation, both parents work round the clock, and in order to earn handsome salary even they don’t hesitate to work at distant places that are away from their homes. So, parents migrate along with the children, and they live in a nuclear family. Resultantly, in the absence of parents, nippers take advantage of playing games on a computer, and they play it for long hours. This thing again makes them stubborn, and they remain undisciplined. And what’s more, they sometimes have access to unwanted sites, and as a result, they indulge in illicit activities. So, it has a bad impact on their overall development. This is why they adopt anti-social behaviour; rape, robbery, murder are the outcomes of adopting a hostile attitude among immature.

In conclusion, technology and nuclear families are responsible for making children playing games on the computer for long hours, and it negatively impacts their psyche. They unintentionally become antagonists and experience physiological problems due to alot of sitting.

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