Today’s schools should teach their students how to survive financially

Today’s schools should teach their students how to survive financially in the world today. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I should say that I agree with the given statement that nowadays schools are teaching their students how to survive financially in today’s world, for example, by comparing the olden days and current days schools standards. When I did my schooling, there were only a few CBSE and matriculation schools with limited seats and next, and there will be many state board and government schools with few English media and more Tamil medium sections. 15 – 20 years back in many families, very few parents had the knowledge of education and importance of children education and guiding their children from school beginning to till their college life. In the olden days, the school education and exam pattern are similar and easy for the student to clear the exam, now day’s schools are having different standards like CBSE, international etc.… with the exam pattern like open book test, online exam, monthly projects and also many entrance exam for higher education admission like BE, medicine, IELTS etc. and in many schools they are forcing their student to take part in much extracurricular activity like sport, dancing, singing, hand draft and drawing. With above reason nowadays the schools are collecting more fees from the parents with different offers and discounts and now days running a school is for business purpose and not for teaching the students with good values and ethics and nowadays due to social media and laws are more support towards the student and teachers are having no control on their students to give warning, punishment the teachers are just doing their job for name shake and not caring or motivating the students to be big achieve dreams in their life. Due to the number of schools available now, the competition has increased, so the school management is very much results orient alone. And for getting an LKG school seat, you should need to spend in lakhs for fees and capitation etc. Similar when the students completing the schooling and college all together they are spending in cores. When the students get the job offers, they only think about how much they earn money in return for what they have spent, which is not good for society and their individual lives.

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