Write a letter to a hotel manager in another city about an upcoming

Write a letter to a hotel manager in another city about an upcoming 2-day business trip for you and your colleagues; In your letter, you should tell:

Introduce yourself and your colleagues.
Give information about the business meeting.
Tell other requests you might have.


My name is Salman, and I have a property business in various parts of the country. Further, I also have a few professionals and business-minded colleagues who invest in various properties around the country.

As a part of our business extension, we are visiting your town on Tuesday, Sep 24, 2020, to meet with local investors and landowners. We will have a full day meeting on the next day of our arrival. For that reason, the conference room is required that should have a capacity of at least 15 persons. Further, it should have multimedia for presentation along with microphone system.’

Additionally, it is also requested to arrange breakfast, lunch and tea with refreshments during breaks. Please let us know about your menu and special food items. Is it possible if the hotel can provide pick and drop services to our local guests?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and wait for your quotation and confirmation of your services.


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