We Have Become a Disposable Society Preferring to Buy New Products Rather than Repair Existing Items

We have become a disposable society preferring to buy new products rather than repair existing items. Why do you think this is? How can this trend be reversed?

Our Society is changing in terms of using things. The trend of buying new things rather than repairing old ones. This change could be due to the easy and cheap availability of new items. To reverse this trend, we should educate people and also we should try to make repairing things as easy as buying new ones. In the following essay, I will discuss the reasons for this trend and what should be done to stop this.

To begin with, the New Generation prefers purchasing new items rather than repairing the existing ones. This is because they get things very quickly, so they do not understand the value of things as well as money. Also, with advancements in science and technology and with the mass production of things, new products are not as expensive as in the past. Moreover, Sometimes the process of repairing used products becomes cumbersome due to the lack of availability of parts or proper mechanics. It sometimes takes so much time to repair things that the younger generation can not wait, and they buy the new product as it is an affordable and easy process. For instance, I bought a pair of bellies for 400 bucks, and one belly’s sole broke, I went for repair, and the cobbler told me it would cost me 170 bucks which I found costly, and I thought purchasing a new belly is a good option rather than repairing this.

However, this trend has effects on the environment. Due to this trend, plastic waste is increasing, and too much plastic is not recyclable. Also, sometimes people buy new things even when they do not need them. For example, most youngsters buy a new phone every 1-2 years, even when the old one is still in good condition. To overcome this, firstly, we should try to make the process of repairing existing things easier and cheaper so that people do not get attracted to toying with new ones. And secondly, we should educate people on how this trend is harmful to the environment.

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To conclude, Nowadays people prefer to buy new stuff, and they do not like to repair the products which they already have. This is because purchasing new products is less expensive. However, this change is damaging the environment by raising the amount of plastic waste, and people are unaware of this. Therefore we should try to spread awareness among people along with the availability of easy repair options.

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