Write a Letter to the Hr Manager Asking Him Why There’S No Response

Write a letter to the HR manager asking him why there’s no response after your interview, which was taken 2 weeks ago. In your letter:
– Describe your job.
– Why do you think the interview went well?
– Why are you waiting for the result of the interview?

Dear Mark,
This is concerning the interview held two weeks ago for a copywriter post for one of your radio channels in Ontario. I had to create copies for various clients associated with your prestigious company. I was present for that interview, and the file number allotted to me was #AZ123. As per the information provided, the vacancy had to be filled on an urgent basis, and I believe it went really well with the interviewer as I had successfully cleared all three rounds of the test. Also, it was told to me that the selected candidates would receive a call from the HR department within three days regarding the confirmation and the offer letter. I have been waiting since then and hope to receive a notification at the earliest so that I can move further and plan for other jobs available related to the field. Your courteous reply would be highly appreciated. I’m hoping to hear from you soon.

Warm regards,


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