Write a Letter to the Principal of Your School and Explain

You are doing an evening course. Write a letter to the principal of your school and explain that the course that you are taking is slightly different in the way it is delivered from what the school offered. In your letter

– provide the details of the course.
– explain what the problem is
– give some suggestions to fix the problem.

Sample Answer of Write a Letter to the Principal of Your School and Explain

Dear Sir,

I am appraising you with some issue on an evening course which is slightly differing than school offers. I am a final year student in the computer field and I had enrolled for the artificial intelligence subject, where I have an evening class after school hours. I suppose to believe the AI course should offer basic and extreme core knowledge of coding but it teaches us basic skills regarding creating websites and developing software. I already learned such things last year. So I find there is nothing new except recursion and fundamentals. However, the school also offers us core knowledge of AI and transforming digital technology, which is totally different and baseless.

I would urge you to kindly look into this matter as we have very sufficient time left for this year and I would also like to burnish my knowledge in this field. Kindly, upgrade tutorial methods and practices so students can get the proper benefits of this class.

Hoping for a prompt response in this matter!

Yours faithfully,


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