Write a Letter to Your Friend About a Job Opportunity

Write a letter to your friend about a job opportunity you came across that they might find interesting.

In your letter, you should:
● give some details about the job
● mention how you came across the job opportunity
● explain why you feel the job would be suitable for your friend

Sample Answer of Write a Letter to Your Friend About a Job Opportunity

Hello John,
I want to tell you about an opportunity you discussed with me a fortnight ago you may find fascinating.

I came to know this from my colleague whose brother is working as a professional photographer with multinational companies looking for an intern. And I suggest your name. As you recently completed your photography course and are also willing to work for someone professional to start your internship, which gives you experience for your career. He is looking for a wildlife snapper as well as someone who would provide them wonderful real-life captures.

As I had some pictures of your work, I already sent him, and he liked those, so he asked for your contact. I feel that you would enjoy this work as you always wanted to be a professional photographer. Moreover, you have to spend only two to three hours on weekdays, which gives you enough time for yourself also. I am sending you his business card along with this letter.

I hope you may like this opportunity.
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